Lost and Overwhelmed to Business Owner: Thanks to the Rebel Business School


  • I used to think starting my own caregiving digital business development business was impossible. I had the passion and expertise, but the business side felt like a foreign language. Then, I discovered the Rebel Business School, and everything changed.”

The Problem

  • Traditional Business Education Gap: “Even with some business background, I still didn’t know the essentials of marketing, sales, or how to connect with my ideal clients. It’s easy to feel unprepared for the real world of building a business.”
  • The Caregiver Hurdle: “Caregivers are focused on helping people, not on turning themselves into a product. The idea of pitching and selling our services can feel uncomfortable. This makes the traditional business model even less helpful.”
  • Warren Buffet Wisdom: “As Warren Buffet wisely said, the best way to start is to find something you love doing, even if you weren’t getting paid. Unfortunately, most business advice skips this crucial step!”

Callout Box

  • from the Rebel Business School’s “About Us” section: “The biggest barriers to getting a business started are fear, money, and know-how…

Rebel Business School to the Rescue

  • Rebel Approach: Forget the overwhelm of traditional business advice! The Rebel Business School cuts right to the core of what matters. They understand that, especially for caregivers, starting a business is about turning your passion into a service. Here’s how they help:
  • Your Idea First: Instead of starting with spreadsheets, they focus on honing your idea, understanding exactly who it serves best, and helping you test it in the real world.
  • Action-Oriented: They guide you through marketing and sales tactics that work, ditching the complicated jargon. This practical approach often leads to quick results for participants.

Your Struggle

  • Before & After: “Before I found the Rebel Business School, I was struggling too. I tried following a lot of different business advice, and even worked in over 120 different SEO-related jobs, but nothing felt like the right fit.”
  • Your Discovery: “Through all those experiences, I started to notice a pattern. The clients I connected with best, the ones where I genuinely felt I made a difference, shared certain traits. They were often passionate, dedicated people – a lot like those of us in the caregiving field. That’s when I had my ‘aha’ moment: those are the people I want to help build businesses!”

Why the Rebel Business School Works for Caregivers

  • Mindset Alignment: “Caregivers and caretakers are some of the most dedicated, hard-working people around. The problem isn’t our passion – it’s knowing how to turn that passion into a sustainable business.”


  • Call to Action: “If you’re ready to build a caregiving business that feels fulfilling AND financially sound, the Rebel Business School is the best place to start. Check them out.”
  • Personal Promise: Don’t let fears or uncertainty hold you back. Remember, I always believe that care comes before sales. I’ll gladly recommend other resources – like the Rebel Business School – if it’s what’s best for your journey. And now, with my niche focus, I can offer you the specialized support you need to succeed. I did there course a while back and hey what a difference.
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