Maximizing Your SEO Investment: The Power of an ROI Calculator

Is the SEO you are doing bringing in results? In the world of search engine optimization, every decision made should ideally contribute positively to your bottom line. As we navigate the complex realm of SEO strategies, it’s imperative to gauge not just the efforts put in but the returns we anticipate. That’s where the magic…

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Enabling HTTPS using .HTACCESS and Apache

You have a website but you can’t get it to automatically show https even when you have an https certificate installed. Believe it or not you are half way there if you have your https certificate installed. Now you just need to let apache know that you want to show HTTPS instead of HTTP. The…

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How and why to update the hours your GMB profile

Google My Business Profile Updates

Google Business profile or GMB hours are inportant to keep uptodate. Just the other week i was visiing my local shop on a Sunday and they were closed. But the tihng was that they had not told anyone they were no closing early on a sunday. Imagine a customer driving to your business for the…

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