Duty of Care: Elevating American In-Home Care, Inspired by the NHS Model

American in-home care faces a crisis. Mismatched expectations, inconsistent quality, and poor communication are harming those who need care most. As someone dedicated to the caregiver archetype, I believe a solution lies in a concept from across the pond: duty of care.

Archetypes may represent groups of people, but we have the word “care” at our core. True care means going beyond service, a deep passion to help. Imagine yourself as a guardian angel for the person you are looking after.

The Challenge

In-home care is essential for countless Americans, but the industry is plagued by problems. Caregiver training varies widely, leading to inconsistent care quality. Clients face communication breakdowns, wrong billing, and even caregivers simply not showing up. This disconnect between what clients expect and the reality they experience is deeply troubling.

A Solution

The NHS Model: Duty of care is the foundation of the NHS in England. It’s a commitment to ensuring patient safety, respect for individual choice, protecting privacy, and safeguarding the vulnerable. This framework could transform American in-home care. Key elements include rigorous caregiver training, client-centered care with informed consent, and robust protocols to protect client dignity and well-being.

Yes, the NHS has its problems – largely due to an aging population, rising health challenges, and the need for more funding. But for most people, the care they receive is above and beyond, and this is from a firsthand user of the service. That’s the reason I’m still here to tell the tale!

Beyond Service

True Duty of Care The NHS embodies a philosophy that goes beyond just providing service. Their dedication to duty of care is why they help even the most difficult patients, even when a better solution might exist elsewhere. Imagine transferring this commitment of care into American in-home settings, even when situations are challenging.

The Call to Action

What if we championed this same duty of care across America? It would raise standards, protect those we serve, and give caregivers the support they need to provide compassionate, world-class care. Providers, policymakers, and clients must come together to make this vision a reality.

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