Boost Your Caregiving Business with Affordable SEO – Limited Time Offer!


Boost Your Caregiving Business with SEO

Are you a dedicated caretaker or caregiver struggling to attract new clients online? Is your website getting lost in the vast sea of search results? We understand the unique challenges you face in this rewarding but competitive industry. That's why we offer comprehensive SEO services designed specifically for caretakers and caregivers like you.

Our SEO Service Goes Beyond the Basics:

We're not your typical SEO agency. We believe in a holistic approach to online marketing that helps you achieve your business goals.

Here's what you'll get for £150 per month:

SEO: We'll optimize your website to increase organic traffic.
Ad Copywriting: We'll craft compelling ad copy to attract potential clients.
Paid Advertising (if needed): We can set up and manage campaigns.
Contact Form Optimization: We'll ensure your contact form is user-friendly.
Content Creation (up to 2 pieces per month): We can create engaging content.
Monthly Report & 30-Minute Consultation: Stay informed and get personalized advice.
Custom Strategy: Tailored SEO strategies for your specific needs.
Competitor Analysis: Understand and outperform your competition.
Keyword Tracking (25 keywords): £20 add-on available
Content Suggestions: Get expert recommendations for SEO-friendly content.
Limited-Time Special Offer:

.Our Commitment to Your Success:

We're committed to your success and will work tirelessly to improve your website's SEO. If we haven't achieved a measurable impact within the first 4 months and you've fulfilled your obligations (e.g., implemented our recommendations), we'll continue working on your SEO at no additional cost until we do.




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In this article, we will discuss the benefits that a business owner can get from putting in some time and effort towards marketing and advertising on a Google Business profile.


Google My Business Profile Updates

Google My Business Profile Help

Imagine a customer driving to your business for the first time and you close early on Fridays and you don’t tell them. They might forgive you but more than likely they will spend there cash else where.


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Our comprehensive Google Business profile audit contents

A complete overview of all individual checks included in the Google my business audit

Business Name

We check your business name to make sure that it matches with your website and your other NAP listings


We make sure your address is valid and a proper location oposed to it being a virtual office.

Phone Number

We check your phone number is being used correct.


We check that first you have reviews and second that the reviews are of quality rather than quantity.


The Email check makes sure that you are using a proper email instead of a free Gmail or Hotmail.

Opening Hours

We check that you have your opening hours.

Questions & Answers

Questions and answers can be a great way of solving tiny questions that get asked all the time.

Claimed Profile

This is pretty important as you want to own your own profile.

ROI 5 keywords

We will run a ROI calculation based on the 4 or 5 keywords you have chosen.

Directory listings

We will check up to 5 directory's to make sure that the information you are sharing is correct and replicated.

Photos / Logo

We check that you are using a log and also that you are not using stock images.

Business Description

Your business description should include what you business does best.


We check you have the right category for your business, setting this up wrong will bring you the wrong type of business


A quick check to see if you have any videos on your profile.

Responses to Reviews

We check not only do you have reviews but you also respond to reviews good and bad.

Social Profiles

You should link you social profiles to Google my business we check that this has been done.

Local Search Grid

We take up to 5 keywords and show a grid of how they are ranking on Google.

Photos / Logo

We check that you are using a log and also that you are not using stock images.


If you have services we check to see if these reflect the services on your website.